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Architectural Cladding - Materials in depth:

Modclad is a specific product with a timber substrate that has brass, copper or stainless steel extruded over each individual shape and is then finished to specification, eg polished, satined or tarnished with the base metals brass, copper or stainless steel.
To fold or cut to detail mostly involves sheet material pre- finished and pvc or alike coating. Again the base metals are brass, copper and stainless steel.
The stainless steel has two standard finishes No 8 highly polshed, like a mirror and No 4 satin finish is like a scratch finish in straight lines.
The brass and copper also comes in sheet form as clear scratch free and is mostly supplied as mill finish or we have a service that tarnishes these two materials, which gives the look of old or aged brass and copper. All of theese sheet materials can be folded as angles or channels of various sizes and shapes to the clients specifications, or we can cut strips and flats to a multitude of sizes in all finishes.
The client can supply a specific substrate ,eg a door, colunms or architraves or any type of skirting as required and we can clad to the clients specifications.

Some Samples: